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MCA (Maritime Campus Antwerp) guides the maritime industry towards greater cooperation and innovation. For big and small, for maritime and beyond, for private, public, research and education.

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MCA (Maritime Campus Antwerp) is a "do" campus and a community where business, technology and knowledge are linked to strengthen and further develop the maritime sector. MCA houses companies ranging from larger corporate companies to the smallest start-ups, educational and research institutions to collaborate and innovate.

The aim of MCA is to bring together interested parties inside and outside the maritime sector and get them working on maritime innovation and sustainability.

Do you want to know how? Explore our MCA LABS and MCA Community and find out all about it!

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coworking space and meeting centre

MCA LABS is a coworkingspace and meeting hotspot in Antwerp, along the river Scheldt. It is also the clubhouse where the MCA Communityworks together on the maritime industry of tomorrow.

The perfect place for your personal desk, meeting room or business event!

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Together we bring innovation to the maritime industry.

MCA Community is an ecosystem or a club, focusing on whatever innovations the maritime industry needs and together we'll get it done.

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Latest news

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Movin'On Impact - Navigating the maritime sector into the future
MCA and Movin'On partner up and co-organise a day-seminar in Antwerp on 17 and 19 October: Navigating the maritime sector into the future.
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On June 13th, MCA hosted a series of inspiration sessions on 3 different topics, followed by Plug And Play Maritime Expo Day @ Waagnatie
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2023 will undoubtedly be another challenging year in which MCA wants to bring together relevant stakeholders for various key topics related to maritime innovation. A quick overview of what's coming up.