About us

What does MCA stand for?

MCA is a "do" campus and community where business, technology and knowledge are linked to strengthen and develop the maritime industry.

The goal of MCA

MCA's goal is to bring together willing participants from inside and outside the maritime industry, with a global focus on innovation and sustainability. MCA Communityconnects the dots and matches challenges, ambitions and actors. In expectation of the MCA Campus, the community can already meet in MCA LABS. MCA LABS provides facilities and services, creating a stimulating innovation environment in a lively new hotspot of Antwerp.

Choose your ideal workspace in our MCA LABS, ranging from coworking spaces to spacious meeting rooms in Antwerp South. Book your favourite spot and start working on the maritime industry of tomorrow!

About MCA Campus

MCA Campus will accommodate organisations ranging from larger companies to start-ups, educational and research institutions to collaborate and innovate. Various facilities will be made available for this purpose: ranging from coworking spaces, project spaces to various R&D halls, labs and studios.

MCA transforms an old industrial area into a future-proof, maritime and innovative site with respect for the balance between economic activity and nature. At MCA sustainable and flexible facilities go hand-in-hand in with quality, hospitality and community.