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MCA Community is an ecosystem of stakeholders (public, private, research, individuals) that are engaged with innovation in the maritime sector. This page highlights our mission as well as the themes & events we organise. Check out how you can become a part of this community.

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MCA Community provides a productive ecosystem for interactions and opportunities. Join the community to find wins in various projects and be involved in events that offer business wins, learnings, or other gains.

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Cybersecurity sessions by MCC

An inspiring series of trainings and workshops in 2024


Digital Twins

An inspiration session with expert insights from Sealution and imec

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Keynote session on Circular Innovation

How can we unlock the power of circular innovation in your maritime company?

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Let's get circular!

Unlock the power of circular innovation in your company:
become a Circular Innovation Manager.

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Movin'On Impact - Autonomous shipping on short sea

A recap of the Antwerp seminar on 19 October

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Movin'On Impact - Financing the transition of long term mobility capital goods

A recap of the day-seminar in Antwerp on 17 October

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Movin'On Impact - Navigating the maritime sector into the future

MCA and Movin'On partner up and co-organise a day-seminar in Antwerp on 17 and 19 October: Navigating the maritime sector into the future.

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Inspiration sessions 2023

2023 will undoubtedly be another challenging year in which MCA wants to bring together relevant stakeholders for various key topics related to maritime innovation. A quick overview of what's coming up.

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MCA New Year's Reception

On January 24th, MCA invited its partners and stakeholders to kick off 2023.

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Connect with the maritime community on First Friday

Let's meet at MCA LABS.

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Maritime cybersecurity

Safer Internet Day takes place on the 7th of February and is an annual global event that raises awareness of the importance of using online technology in a safe and responsible manner. With the increasing reliance on the internet in our daily lives, it has become crucial to educate and remind individuals of the potential dangers and consequences that come with being online. This does not only apply to our daily personal lives, but also to the maritime industry.

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What is MCA Community?

Co-creating maritime innovation

MCA Community is a hub for maritime innovation where stakeholders from public, private, research, and individual sectors collaborate and share ideas. Together, they identify key areas of interest and turn them into focused innovation challenges, seeking input from a broad spectrum of parties. The community brings together industry, tech, business, and innovation, fostering knowledge exchange.

Focus on action, learn about innovation

The focus is on action and learning, offering opportunities to understand innovation as a mindset and skillset through hands-on projects. Everyone from students, schools, universities, research, and governments are welcome to contribute fresh ideas and know-how. Meetings and events take place in MCA LABS, with casual coffee and pool sessions available for idea-sharing.



MCA Community tackles different key areas of interest for innovation challenges. Discover the different topics we address.

Auto­no­my: the next level

How might we create a testbed for short sea autonomy for various applications to learn and overcome the challenges of autonomous shipping on short-sea.

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Cir­cu­lar ship design

How might we create a circular plan for ships that enable for vessels to become more modular and flexible in changing times and ensuring that a more circular ship with more circular material choices is made competitive in the current financing models with old-school vessels.

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Digi­tal twins

How might we define key areas in the maritime where digital twins are essential? How do we ensure that all relevant end-users and stakeholders of those digital twins are involved in their definition and deployment, to ensure that interoperability and all user needs are captured in the relevant digital twin?

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IoT sen­sors

How might we combine industry robustness and innovative agility in the choice of IoT Sensors and IoT Platforms to ensure that enough data is available to make insightful decisions and develop new data-driven applications.

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Mari­ti­me crew wellbeing

The maritime industry is facing a war for talent on all aspects of the business. For the crew on the ship this is no different. Crew health and wellbeing is becoming a very important factor to ensure long-term engagement from talent for the industry.


Mari­ti­me cybersecurity

How can we develop a neutral and objective organisation to entrust the maritime cybersecurity risks? Can this organisation also serve as a reliable and neutral source for information and trainings?


Road­map for mari­ti­me nuclear technology

How might we ensure that the needs of the maritime for propulsion and the development of next generations of small portable nuclear reactors are aligned, to create a clear viable roadmap for Nuclear Propulsion as an option in the energy transition of the maritime.

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Peo­p­le trans­port on the river Scheldt

How can we develop a new platform for efficient and effective people transport over water? From within the MCA Community, we felt the need to find a solution to this issue. We want this platform to function as a testing ground for new technologies that can be applied at the scale of maritime technology.


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