Inspiration session: circular ship design

MCA LABS and Teams

How can we make ships stay relevant longer in fast changing times? That is the key question for this session. We want to see how ship information can be stored centrally so that ships can be upgraded and re-purposed quickly and efficiently.

What if ships could be...

  • More effective: Utilize vessels to their maximum potential
  • Easily upgradable: Seamlessly adapt to the latest technologies
  • Worth more: Maintain their worth over time and have a higher residual value
  • Used longer: Expand the lifespan
  • Adaptable to change: Lead the way in our energy transition
  • Driving the circular economy: Contribute to carbo neutrality and green shipping

Inspired by Cocreative systems in the building sector (BIM) and in aerospace, would it be possible to design Ship Information Systems that are the basis for digital twins of ships and can be used to codesign and cocreate ship upgrades as new technology becomes available.


  • 16:00 Doors open
  • 16:30 Welcome, introduction to the track & contextualizing by Circular Ports
  • 16:45 Inspiration Keynote by switchrs
  • 17:30 Future scenario exploration (exercise) by switchrs
  • 18:00 Feedback round by switchrs
  • 18:15 Closure & inviting participants to expand on the scenario's while networking by MCA
  • 18:30 Networking & reception

Rewatch the keynote by Jan Leyssens (switchrs).

Target audience

MCA Community brings together different stakeholders to talk about innovation within the maritime sector and to take concrete action.


Ship Design Depts



BIM-like cocreation platforms

Digital Twin providers


Students Maritime Engineering

Students IT

Professors AMA / AMS

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