Inspiration session: IoT sensors

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This Inspiration session, we zoomed in on the crucial role of sensors in the transition to smart ships, together with Sealution, Toqua and Verhaert.

A wide variety of sensors are coming onto the market and they often connect through various platforms: SCADA or IoT or both? Do you go for robust sensors and wait till maturity or do you add experimental sensors and let AI filter the data? ​Key challenge: how might we combine industry robustness and innovative agility in the choice of IoT Sensors and IoT Platforms to ensure that enough data is available to make insightful decisions and develop new data-driven applications.


16.30-16.45: Welcome
16.45-17.00: Introduction - Deepak Mehta, MCA

17.00-17.30: Enabling connectivity below deck
Sebastian Hamers, Co-founder & CEO Sealution

Founded in 2021, Sealution is a B2B hardware enabled software startup that provides connectivity on board of merchant vessels, enabling efficient data collection below deck. Sealution developped a unique and modular PnP solution, to which numerous IoT devices can be connected and integrated.

17.30-18.00: Decarbonizing Shipping with better ship performance models
Roland Erfurth, Naval Architect – Account Executive, Toqua

Toqua aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the shipping industry by offering an accurate vessel performance model based on high-frequency data. Today's ship performance models often for a weak link in decision-making and optimization. With more and more ships capturing sensor data, they discovered a new way to make these models with much higher accuracy, leading to additional fuel savings and more accurate monitoring.

18.00-18.30: IoT innovation strategy: where to start?
Jannes Van de maele, Technology Manager Verhaert Digital Innovation

Innovation, IoT, data, AI, digital transformation, … are some of today's buzzwords. How do you make sense of it? What is your innovation or data strategy? How will you measure success? Discover a hands-on approach to manoeuvre through our digital era.

18.30-20.00: reception

Sealution Sebastian Hamers

Sebastian Hamers

Co-founder & CEO


Toqua Roland Erfurth

Roland Erfurth

Naval Architect - Account Executive


Verhaert Jannes Van De Waele

Jannes Van de maele

Technology Manager

Verhaert | Digital Innovation

Microsoft Teams image 4

Deepak Mehta

Ecosystem Developer



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