People transport on the Scheldt

How can we develop a new platform for efficient and effective people transport over water? From within the MCA Community, we felt the need to find a solution to this issue. We want this platform to function as a testing ground for new technologies that can be applied at the scale of maritime technology.

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People transport on the river Scheldt

Inspiration session: people transport on the river Scheldt


Basic premise

The river Scheldt has potential for the City of Antwerp to act as a transport modality for people travelling both North-South as well as East-West. New Technologies like Autonomous Shipping / Remote Control and new and cleaner propulsion technologies allow for new potential to transport people over water: the ecosystem could become a living lab environment. Getting more people connected to the water also helps the visibility of the maritime industry.

Challenge definition

How can we develop new platforms, infrastructure and vessels for safe and reliable people transport over the river Scheldt while constantly leveraging new technologies to make the business more effective and more efficient. At the same time, we want the platform to function as a living lab for new technologies to scale up in the maritime technology adoption scale.

Inspiration Session: people transport on the river Scheldt

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