What do you mean by the beating heart of maritime Europe?

The innovation challenges for the maritime sector must be taken up at European level by cooperation between different players. MCA wishes to bring all actors of the maritime sector together to work on innovative solutions.

What is the added value for a company to work at MCA?
  • Cross-fertilisation between the different actors: start-ups to larger corporate companies, educational and research institutions
  • Coming together on one campus and within one community to work and innovate together.
  • Thinking beyond one’s own organisation to grow in scale.
  • A stimulating environment to work in, to co-create and to connect employees and various maritime actors.
With whom does MCA cooperate?

MCA as a campus and community is open to all players with an added value for the maritime sector.

For what kind of companies is MCA interesting?

MCA can be a place for the occasional visit but can also be the base where start-ups are created and where large companies reinvent themselves. Not only companies, but also educational and research institutions fit into the various functions that the maritime sector can strengthen.