MAY 04, 2022

Relive the official opening of MCA LABS coworking space

On Thursday, the 28th of April, the official opening of MCA LABS took place. We invited different parties of interest within and outside of the maritime sector to gather together, to talk about maritime innovation and to exchange ideas that will hopefully lead to concrete actions in the future.

This gathering was supported by interesting speeches by Vincent van Quickenborne (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice and the North Sea), Erica Caluwaerts (Antwerp Alderwoman for Economy and Innovation), Marc Nuytemans (Managing Director of the Blue Cluster) and Hélène Smidt (Maritime Innovation & Sustainable Financing at RBSA) who talked about maritime innovation.

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With MCA LABS we created a clubhouse with different coworking spaces and workplaces where you can casually meet new people in (and out) the maritime sector. You can have a coffee while discussing an interesting matter or you can brainstorm during a snooker game. During our MCA LABS event, we shared this concept and gave a look into our coworking environment. Are you interested in working at our MCA LABS? Check out our different working places and book your spot!

Below you can find pictures of the event!

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Deepak Mehta
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