FEB 01, 2023

Maritime cybersecurity

Safer Internet Day takes place on the 7th of February and is an annual global event that raises awareness of the importance of using online technology in a safe and responsible manner. With the increasing reliance on the internet in our daily lives, it has become crucial to educate and remind individuals of the potential dangers and consequences that come with being online. This does not only apply to our daily personal lives, but also to the maritime industry.

Maritime cybersecurity: an introduction

The maritime industry as a vital industry needs a cybersecurity and cyber resilience authority that offers the industry a transparent and trustworthy organization to help raise awareness and information on both IT and OT aspects of maritime cybersecurity.

How can we create an organization that offers the industry a neutral and objective organization to entrust their cybersecurity risks but also serve as a reliable and neutral source for information and trainings. The organization should also build a roadmap based on the industry needs and engage third parties to engage with the maritime industry for cybersecurity and cyber resilience projects.

MCA Inspiration Session

This Inspiration Session, we showed the broad spectrum of challenges within the maritime industry and we explained how innovation and smart shipping will bring more need for cybersecurity. This inspiration session made clear that cybersecurity isn’t only a matter of firewalls and technology, but also has a human training aspect.

This event was the launch of the Maritime Cyber Security Centre. It will coordinate all efforts around maritime cybersecurity in Belgium. We invited 4 speakers who shared interesting insights on this matter.

  • Wilfried Lemmens, KBRV
  • Yannick Herrebaut, Port of Antwerp-Bruges
  • Johan Dieltjens, IBM
  • Bart Huybrechts, MCA
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Watch our inspiration session about Maritime cybersecurity!

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