MAY 29, 2023

MCA Inspiration Sessions 13 June

On June 13th, MCA hosted a series of inspiration sessions on 3 different topics, followed by Plug And Play Maritime Expo Day @ Waagnatie

Predictive maintenance in the maritime enabled by IoT

Intro - Robin Pauwels, Innovation Community Builder, The Beacon

  • Predictive assessment of corrosion – towards a better maintenance management? - Geert Potters, Research Coordinator, Antwerp Maritime Academy
  • Roadmap to predictive maintenance - Ir. Jan-Willem Steur MSc., Manager Business & Development, Znapz
  • Decarbonizing shipping with better ship performance models - Casimir Morobé, Founder, Toqua

Skills and training for the future maritime

Intro - Christel Peeters, Coordinator, Antwerp Maritime Academy

  • Protecting ships in a digital ocean - Luna Van Cutsem & Tom Hollestelle, Students, Antwerp Maritime Academy
  • Maritime Cybersecurity Course - Joris Lemmens, Instructor, Antwerp Maritime Academy
  • VR technology as a supportive form of education in the Nautical Sciences - Yeppe Slootmans, Student, Antwerp Maritime Academy

Finance innovation & sustainability in the maritime industry

  • The maritime start-up and scale-up market today - Cédric Vermeulen, Ventures Associate, PlugAndPlay Maritime
  • The idea of a corporate driven private equity platform - Bart Huybrechts, Manager MCA, Facilities & Alliances MCA

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