SEP 06, 2022

MCA LABS through the eyes of Deepak Mehta

A place where you can contribute to maritime innovation, where you can brainstorm or where you can simply come and work? MCA LABS is the place to be. Since 28 April 2022, everyone can visit this pleasant and trendy coworking space. Moreover, this is the clubhouse of the MCA Community. Deepak Mehta – Ecosystem Developer – stands at the basis of MCA LABS and likes to share his experience and vision.

The start of the MCA story

Deepak started with the idea that there is a need for talent that can make technology serve humanity. One of the industries where this talent should go is the maritime industry. With this idea in mind, he met Bart Huybrechts: the start of a beautiful (MCA) story.

There are currently many innovation campuses, but what makes MCA LABS unique is the connection it creates between its residents. People with the same mission come together.

Deepak Mehta - Ecosystem Developer

Bringing people together within MCA LABS

MCA LABS was created with the MCA Campus and MCA Community in mind. The campus needed a practice space and the community needed a clubhouse. This is how MCA LABS came into being, which developed into a fully-fledged coworking space.

MCA connects start-ups and companies involved in technology and innovation with the maritime industry. This way, MCA wants to inspire the maritime industry with new technologies that can provide innovative solutions for the maritime challenges of today and tomorrow.

Deepak Metha Ecosystem Developer

Deepak explains that on the one hand, it is important to define the challenges within the maritime industry in a clear and complete manner to compel companies to contribute to solving these challenges. On the other hand, the idea is to look within a larger network: “What existing technology can be interesting for the maritime industry?” The so-called ‘tech transfer’. This way, cooperation is established between different industries and individuals. It is these individuals that MCA Community wants to bring together within MCA LABS.

MCA LABS offers people a coworking place where they can come into contact with the maritime industry. This way, they can experience for themselves how they can contribute to this industry. You can come and work here and get in contact with people from the maritime industry, which can lead to interesting conversations and who knows, maybe even cooperation.

Furthermore, events also take place within MCA LABS with the aim to let people get acquainted with the current challenges of the maritime industry.

MCA LABS is the place where people can discover the maritime industry and its needs, engage in it and enrich it.

Deepak Mehta - Ecosystem Developer

The future of MCA LABS

MCA LABS offers a testbed for new concepts for people to collaborate in innovative ecosystems. This way, they can discover what might be interesting for their organisation and initiate different concepts within their own organisation. MCA LABS wants to inspire and be an example for other individuals and companies.

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