OCT 07, 2022

Our Managing Director, Bart Huybrechts, about MCA LABS coworking space

Since 28 April 2022, anyone interested in contributing to maritime innovation or simply wishing to work (together) in a pleasant & trendy coworking space can visit MCA LABS, the clubhouse of the MCA Community. Bart Huybrechts - Managing Director of MCA - co-developed the MCA LABS idea and wishes to share his experience and vision.

MCA: the concept

Bart says that there is a big challenge for innovation in the maritime sector in many different domains such as clean shipping, digitalisation, security, crew wellbeing, autonomous shipping, … The scope of these challenges is too wide to be tackled by an individual Maritime player. Out of this, a formula was devised : the start of the MCA-story. To really make a difference, it is important that all types and sizes of companies, academia and governments work together, the so called ‘triple helix’ for open innovation.

According to Bart, this can be achieved by offering facilities in the form of a campus of which MCA LABS is the precursor. On the content side, innovation has to be triggered by an active community. The MCA LABS is a full size and spacious coworking and meeting centre on two floors with coffee machines (that is a must of course!) and various other facilities in place conducive to meeting people and talking about innovation.

Bart blog

MCA LABS offers a pleasant coworking space with a pleasant view for anyone who wishes to work quietly and concentrated in a coworking setting or for those who wish to organise a meeting. In addition, people can meet each other anywhere and create a 'sparkle' that can lead to something creative.

Bart Huybrechts - Managing Director MCA

MCA LABS: the look, feel and more

MCA LABS is a coworking and meeting centre with different workspaces. What makes MCA LABS unique is its location in bustling Antwerp South with a view on the Scheldt and the MCA Community that is housed here. The modern and pleasant interior of MCA LABS in combination with a maritime 'touch' creates an ideal setting. Three shipping containers were processed in the decor, which makes MCA LABS even more unique. As icing on the cake, office materials - some up to 25 years old! - were re-used.

It is in this environment that we wish to bring people together. MCA LABS is a coworking space that is open to all and wishes to attract people from other industries to bring their solutions to the maritime sector. This way, a 'tech transfer' can arise where already existing technologies are integrated within the maritime sector.

MCA LABS in the future

The formula of MCA LABS will also be the beating heart for the future MCA Campus. With MCA LABS, we guage what people need to perform optimally.

Currently, many companies are looking for a good balance between office work and home work. It is up to MCA LABS to provide the best workplace that meets the various needs.

MCA LABS is one of the better coworking spaces in town and if you wish to come and do something in the maritime industry, it is even better!

Bart Huybrechts - Managing Director MCA

About our MCA LABS coworking space and meeting centre in Antwerp

MCA LABS is located in Antwerp South, along the river Scheldt. You can pick your ideal coworking spot to work in a cosy and maritime setting. Chances are you will meet interesting people within the maritime sector!

Do you want your own office? That is possible! We offer several private offices so you can work in peace and quiet. We also offer meeting rooms and an office floor.

Want to find out more about our workplaces? Check out our MCA LABS page!

More about MCA LABS

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