DEC 22, 2022

People transport on the river Scheldt

MCA Community brings together different stakeholders to talk about innovation within the maritime sector and to take concrete action. To achieve this, MCA Community identifies several topics that are worth discussing. The first topic: people transport on the river Scheldt.

People transport on the river Scheldt: an introduction

How can we develop a new platform for efficient and effective people transport over water? From within the MCA Community, we felt the need to find a solution to this issue. We want this platform to function as a testing ground for new technologies that can be applied at the scale of maritime technology. By creating an Inspiration Session, we were able to fuel the interest and the need to discuss this matter.

MCA Inspiration Session

This Inspiration Session, various stakeholders such as government, private maritime companies and technology providers, were brought together to highlight the importance of a new platform for efficient and effective people transport over water. We invited 7 speakers who shared interesting insights on this matter.

  • Thomas Gerets (MDK) gave an overview of the recent and future legal framework linked to people transport on Flemish waters.
  • Stijn bosmans (De Vlaamse Waterweg NV) presented a recent study on potential locations for ships to dock on the river Scheldt with a view on people transport.
  • Prof. Thierry Vanelslander and Naeem Bagwan, Muhammed Akif Biyik & Achille Sobry (3 AMS CMAT students) researched the business model and regulatory constraints of (autonomous) WaterTaxis on the Scheldt and presented their insights.
  • Bart Huybrechts presented why MCA takes this initiative to bring people together on this matter and how MCA Community works in such cases.
Inspiration Session: people transport on the river Scheldt

The topic discussed at the Inspiration Session provided a range of ideas. To explore these ideas in more depth and to work towards something concrete, a Brainstorming Session followed.

IMG 3255

MCA Brainstorm Session

This Brainstorm Session was all about bringing together the stakeholders who felt the need to engage in defining the next steps and taking concrete steps forward in exploring the domain.

The topics discussed during this Brainstorm Session:

  • Governance & funding
  • User experience
  • Technology

The ideas formulated during the MCA Inspiration Session were discussed, more ideas came up and the different ways to contribute were addressed.

The goal of the MCA Brainstorm Session was to create a perspective or vision for people transport over water and ways to move forward. We want to turn the take-aways from this session into real projects with the support of all stakeholders involved.

Share your input on this topic with us!

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