APR 28, 2022

The official opening of MCA LABS, a coworking and meeting centre in bustling Antwerp South

MCA LABS officially opens its doors today. MCA LABS is the new maritime coworking space and meeting centre in the south of Antwerp. MCA LABS is the clubhouse where the MCA Community comes together and works together. This makes it possible for start-ups, research institutions, corporate companies and other players to work together on the maritime sector of tomorrow. Online bookings and quotations go through www.mcalabs.be.

Anyone who wants to join forces and work on co-creation within the maritime sector has come to the right place at the inspiring workspaces of MCA LABS. The cross-fertilization between different companies and entrepreneurs gives rise to new business opportunities, which makes various collaborations in the maritime sector possible.

MCA LABS offers a physical working and meeting place to support the community. Flex or fix desks, offices and meeting rooms are offered. Those looking for a place to hold board meetings, workshops or gatherings can also come here.


“The ambitious goals we have for our North Sea can only be realised thanks to our country's strong, innovative maritime sector. With companies that are global pioneers in their respective fields. Companies that understand the importance of innovation and invest in cooperation. That is what the government must facilitate: create a level playing field that allows the market to innovate and stimulates growth. It is important to have a physical location where these kinds of companies can come together. When it comes to maritime innovation, MCA LABS as a physical and MCA Community as a substantive meeting place, is certainly the right concept to achieve this."

Vincent Van Quickenborne - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the North Sea

“It is much easier to build an active community if you have a fixed place where people can meet. The most interesting things happen when you meet by chance.”

Bart Huybrechts - Managing Director MCA

MCA LABS is an initiative of MCA that aims to bring together interested parties within (and outside of) the maritime industry and make them think about innovation and sustainability. MCA connects business, technology and knowledge to strengthen and develop the maritime sector. MCA LABS is the clubhouse where the MCA Community comes together and works together. The MCA Community joins forces between various actors in the broad maritime sector on a European level.


What can you find at MCA LABS?

  • Coworking: The coworking space offers a pleasant working environment for flex-workers and regular users.
  • Meeting rooms: Anyone who wants to plan a team meeting, brainstorming session, workshop or seminar can make use of the inspiring meeting rooms offered by MCA LABS.
  • Private offices: MCA LABS has ‘Private offices’ for 3 to 8 people which are ideal for innovative start-ups or project teams.

More about MCA LABS

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