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THEME Cybersecurity
FEBRUARY 01, 2023 in Community, Hotspot of Antwerp
Maritime cybersecurity
Safer Internet Day takes place on the 7th of February and is an annual global event that raises awareness of the importance of using online technology in a safe and responsible manner. With the increasing reliance on the internet in our daily lives, it has become crucial to educate and remind individuals of the potential dangers and consequences that come with being online. This does not only apply to our daily personal lives, but also to the maritime industry.
MCA Inspiration Session: people transport on the river Scheldt
DECEMBER 22, 2022 in Community, Campus, Hotspot of Antwerp
People transport on the river Scheldt
MCA Community brings together different stakeholders to talk about innovation within the maritime sector and to take concrete action. To achieve this, MCA Community identifies several topics that are worth discussing. The first topic: people transport on the river Scheldt.
MCA 4 69
DECEMBER 21, 2022 in Campus, Hotspot of Antwerp
Working at MCA LABS coworking space means enjoying various lunch spots
Perhaps by now, you have already heard of our MCA LABS, a maritime coworking space in Antwerp, but what you might not have known is that you can enjoy many lunch spots when you join MCA LABS. We would like to introduce you to three lunch spots where you can undoubtedly enjoy your lunch!
Deepak Mehta
OCTOBER 28, 2022 in Community, Campus, Hotspot of Antwerp
MCA LABS coworking space through the eyes of Deepak Mehta
Bart blog
OCTOBER 07, 2022 in Campus, Hotspot of Antwerp
Bart Huybrechts about MCA LABS coworking space
Mca labs 06
A recap of the offical opening of MCA LABS coworking space
MCA LABS official opening picture
The official opening of MCA LABS