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How might we ensure that the needs of the maritime for propulsion and the development of next generations of small portable nuclear reactors are aligned, to create a clear viable roadmap for Nuclear Propulsion as an option in the energy transition of the maritime.


Is there an opportunity for the developments in nuclear technology in the maritime sector and what is the roadmap for nuclear technology in maritime? How can we define technology-driven opportunities in the maritime and determine which keystone project would make the most sense to showcase viability of nuclear technology in the maritime.

There are a lot of challenges for Nuclear Technology to get adopted in Maritime (technological, societal, regulatory, safety/security, autonomy and financial), but the energy source also offers a possibility to fundamentally shift business models due to some inherent abilities of nuclear technology (lack of bunkering, increased power, constant power). But the viability will only work, if all factors are taken into account and synergised.

16.30-16.45: Welcome
16.45-17.00: Introduction - Deepak Mehta, MCA

17.00-17.20: SMRs for Maritime applications
Dr. lr. Diederik Van Nuffel, Mechanical Engineer - lr. Gert Pille, Mechanical Engineer, Tractebel-Engie

In the energy transition challenge, the whole maritime industry is facing a major challenge to decarbonise its activities. Especially with the recent surges in fossil fuel costs and together with the many ongoing developments in the field of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), the interest in nuclear technologies is (again) growing. For more than 5 years, Tractebel has been deep-diving into these reactor concepts spanning from business and market studies to technical reviews and technical due diligence, including contributions to design development. In its presentation, Tractebel will provide an overview of the latest SMR developments and discuss any challenges related to fitting these technologies into maritime applications.

17.20-17.40: Nuclear power for ship and offshore
Matthew Palmer - Global Naval Business Lead, Lloyds Register

In this session, we aim to detail to the current regulatory environment and the possible pathway to acceptance of these vessels to operate commercially. Also explain the challenges facing LR on how we can provide assurance to these vessels.

17.40-18.00: Nuclear & maritime, a love story
Guerric de Crombrugghe, Fouding partner Nuketech

The conceptual design of the first nuclear submarine began in March 1950. As incredible as it seems, it was completed only 5 years later. Since this fantastic achievement, nuclear and maritime have never ceased to work hand in hand. Let's open a new chapter!

18.00 – 20.00: Reception

Diederik Van Nuffel x2

Dr. lr. Diederik Van Nuffel

Mechanical Engineer


Lr Gert Pille

lr. Gert Pille

Mechanical Engineer


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Guerric de Crombrugghe

Founding partner


Matthew Palmer

Matthew Palmer

Global Naval Business Lead

Lloyd's Register

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Deepak Mehta

Ecosystem Developer



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