FEB 16, 2022

Science for Sailing symposium

Science for Sailing event

At the Science for Sailing event Antwerp Maritime Academy, IBM and MCA discussed with a diverse group of maritime professionals, representatives of higher education and even students the technological challenges for the future, but also how the changes would impact the life of the people in the sector.

The host of the event, Antwerp Maritime Academy, talked about augmented captains, resilient crews and communication with technology as a basis for R&D&I over the next 10 years.

Vicky Bunyard-Ford, CTO of IBM Northern Europe, came to show how the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS400) combines existing technology to create innovative solutions for the maritime. This project acts as an inspiration for both industry and academia to work together tackling the wave of digital innovation the maritime world will be facing.

Deepak Mehta from MCA talked about our maritime innovation ecosystem and how the industry needs more technology and innovation awareness. Find out more about the MCA Community.

S4S event

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